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Many environmental problems and issues that in a wider sense concern management and use of natural resources are characterized by complexity and burdened with conflicts. Moving towards a sustainable future demands substantial collaboration between actors involved.

Man & Nature’s vision is sustainable development where

  • Social sustainable development is the aim
  • Ecological sustainable development is a fundamental requirement
  • Economical sustainable development is the tool

Anders Esselin

Anders Esselin

Anders is a biologist, journalist, communication strategist and facilitator. Since 2002 he has primarily worked with communication and as a project-, process- and meeting leader – at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, at the county administrative board in Västerbotten and, during the last years, in his own company Man & Nature. 

Anders’ big interest and ambition is to help people to think clearly about complex and difficult-to-solve societal issues, focusing on sustainable development, natural resources and land and water management.