Man & Nature offers services within the fields of landscape and natural resource management and land- and water use. We arrange meetings, produce reports, lead projects and offer strategic support.

Conferences, seminars and workshops

We plan and facilitate conferences, seminars and workshops – with the ambition to reach agreed-on goals and results by creating a common experience and a sense of place, and by stimulating engagement, participation, ownership and creativity.

As an additional service, we compile and write conference reports.

Examples of consultancies 

Reports, studies, development plans

We produce reports and development plans adapted to target groups. We also gather, synthesize and analyze data/information and offer layout and text editing-services.

Examples of consultancies (in Swedish)

Project management and strategic support

We lead projects about landscape development, sustainable land- and water use and other related topics. We also offer strategic support to individuals and organizations who want to think in new ways and/or need help in developing strategies and plans.

Examples of consultanices

Other services

We offer other services as well, for example education, presentations and the production of popular scientific texts.

Examples of other services (in Swedish)